Our Strategy

Green Brick Partners builds communities with lasting value and our commitment in prioritizing corporate responsibility, sustainability, and ethical practices and are crucial for our business and the communities we serve. We believe that being a responsible company can be achieved in conjunction with providing superior, long-term returns for our investors, stakeholders, residents, and the cities in which we build. Our Board and management are committed to integrating sustainable business practices to create lasting results that benefit all our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance

Our values of HOME – Honesty, Objectivity, Maturity, and Efficiency – are intimately linked to our outlook on operating responsibly. We believe that through our values we are able to maintain policies and procedures that support ethical business practices, sound governance, and adherence to all regulatory requirements that result in promoting our shareholder, employee, and community interests.

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Environmental Commitment


We strive to make the world a better place for not just our homebuyers, but the communities where we live, work, and build. With that in mind, we understand that this commitment is inseparably intertwined with a need to build sustainably and responsibly. In addition to constructing homes with best-in-class materials, our homeowners benefit from a multitude of energy-conscious features included in their homes that result in both significant savings, healthier living, and a positive impact on the environment.