Corporate Profile

Green Brick Partners, Inc., the third largest homebuilder in Dallas-Fort Worth, is a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “GRBK.” We are a diversified homebuilding and land development company that operates in Texas, Georgia, and Florida. We build quality neighborhoods in some of the best markets in the country, interwoven with the latest technological advancements. We believe this approach enables us to provide superior value to our customers and the communities in which they live, as well as long-term returns for our investors and stakeholders.

Company History

How It All Started

Green Brick Partners was co-founded by David Einhorn, the founder of Greenlight Capital – the “Green” and Jim Brickman – the “Brick.” The two started working together in 2002 when they teamed up to investigate a public company engaged in massive mortgage fraud. They soon became partners and friends. Details about their initial work together is detailed in David’s book, “Fooling Some of the People All of the Time.”

Prior to founding Green Brick, Jim had a successful career in real estate and decades of experience in homebuilding. In 2008, when the housing market collapsed, Jim started a real estate equity fund with David that purchased lots and lent money to distressed builders. That fund was named JBGL, and it was the predecessor to what ultimately became Green Brick Partners.

After the real estate collapse, most banks could not or did not want to own or lend on land or construction, particularly land owned by distressed builders that needed additional capital to develop the lots and construct the homes. JBGL took advantage of the opportunity and began actively buying land, lots, and loans that the banks did not want to hold on their balance sheet. Additionally, JGBL lent money and took a controlling interest in some experienced builders who were in financial distress.

By 2013, the housing market had rebounded. By this point, JBGL had accumulated a strong land position and owned controlling interests in builders that were now turning a profit. Realizing the need for permanent capital to help these builders operate and grow, in 2014, through a reverse recapitalization, JBGL became Green Brick Partners, Inc. and began trading on the NASDAQ. Jim took the mantle as the CEO of Green Brick, while David became the chairman of the Board. Since going public, Green Brick has grown from total revenue of $291 million in 2015 to $1.8 billion in 2023. Since 2017 EPS has grown more than twenty-fold to $6.14 in 2023.

Today, Green Brick Partners is a diversified homebuilding and land development company, and the third largest homebuilder in Dallas-Fort Worth – one of the largest housing markets in the country. Green Brick acquires and develops land and builds homes through 7 brands of builders in five major markets across three states. Additionally, Green Brick Partners retains 100% ownership in Green Brick Title and 49% ownership in BHome Mortgage.

Green Brick is now traded under the ticker symbol “GRBK” on the New York Stock Exchange and was added to the Russell 2000 in 2015 and the S&P SmallCap 600 Index in 2022. Additionally, Green Brick has been named by Fortune Magazine as one of the fastest growing public homebuilders and land developers in the country for five consecutive years.

Our Values - H.O.M.E

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Honesty and integrity are the foundation of any lasting business and we strive each day to treat our customers, employees, and shareholders like we would like to be treated.

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Objectivity drives our business practices and strategies, and our goal is to make decisions utilizing best practices and available market data and information.

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The emotional intelligence of our team is integral to our success. In order to accomplish our common goals, we must be solution driven and view every challenge as an opportunity. Emotionally intelligent employees see the bigger picture and attempt each day to work collaboratively toward a shared goals and successes.

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Efficiency is the result of competent, hard-working people who perform with a competitive spirit to produce rapid and consistent results. We continually evaluate our processes and systems in an effort to remain among the most efficient in our industry.

Our Vision

We are founded on the belief that locally focused land development is the starting point for a builder’s profitability and that both homebuilding and land development are best executed on a local, decentralized basis. We manage land risk through rigorous underwriting and provide our subsidiary homebuilders with centralized state-of-the-art operational support.

We take pride in our diverse home offerings, geography, and price points that serve a wide range of customer segments and needs. This is possible through our subsidiary builder brands that are composed of seven consolidated homebuilders. Each of our builders is unique and has a strategic and market niche advantage. All of our builders share the same commitment to building high-quality homes with superior craftsmanship and innovative designs. And our builders are united by our core values that we call H.O.M.E. Honest, Objective, Mature, Efficient.

Additionally, our mortgage and title operations make buying a home a seamless experience and provide real-time visibility into our buyers.

We also understand that our success hinges on our team. We aim to hire and retain quality, driven, and experienced employees who exemplify our HOME values. We recognize that Green Brick’s success and future accomplishments can only be achieved through the day-to-day efforts of our team. Therefore, we seek to provide a culture that breeds success and long-term growth both for our employees and the company.

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Builder Brands


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Financial Services

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Why Green Brick

Green Brick Partners has a track record of generating among the best returns on equity in our industry. We differentiate ourselves with several key strategic advantages.

Desirable Locations

Green Brick operates in some of the best markets in the country. Our biggest markets, Dallas and Atlanta, are backed by some of the strongest demographic tailwinds and job growth in the U.S. Additionally, we build primarily in in-fill submarkets where supply is constrained. Our homes are located in desirable neighborhoods with proximity to schools, job hubs, transportation corridors, and local amenities. Development in those neighborhoods requires extensive local knowledge to address more complicated entitlement, regulatory, and zoning processes.

Disciplined Underwriting & Land Self-development

Our disciplined underwriting and decades-long relationships in our markets gives us an edge in finding the best land opportunities and entitlement success. Additionally, because we self-develop most of our lots, we have tremendous flexibility to control lot delivery timelines and costs, which help drive our margins to be among the best of our homebuilding peers.

Strong Balance Sheet

Our commitment to low leverage and a strong balance sheet is coded in our DNA. Despite enormous growth since inception, our debt-to-total-capital ratio remains one of the lowest among mid-cap and small-cap peers. We believe our financial strength gives us ample flexibility regardless of where we are in the housing cycle.

Diversified Award-Winning Products

We are one of the few homebuilders that offer various price points, sizes, and product types through our subsidiary builder brands. While each of our builders is unique and has its own strategic and market niche advantages, they are united by our commitment to build high-quality homes of lasting value. Our builders have won numerous industry awards for their designs and quality.

Experienced Team

Our builders and teams have deep roots in the communities they serve with decades of experience and knowledge in homebuilding and land development. We stand by and take pride in our core values we call H.O.M.E, which stands for Honesty, Objectivity, Maturity, and Efficiency. Green Brick is focused on developing a culture of commitment, hard work, and collaboration to assist in delivering consistently outstanding results. This is our secret sauce that we believe will continue to drive industry leading performance and long-term success. Our unwavering dedication allows us to provide a smooth homebuying experience, an outstanding product, and exceptional customer service.

See our development

A builder’s success and profitability start with land and land development. We develop land and build homes primarily in infill and infill adjacent neighborhoods where people want to live. Join us on a journey through thriving neighborhoods – the places where dreams find a home.