Our Vision

We are founded on the belief that locally-focused land development is the starting point for a builder’s profitability and that both homebuilding and land development are best executed on a local, decentralized basis. We manage land risk through rigorous underwriting and provide our subsidiary homebuilders with centralized state-of-the-art operational support. Additionally, our mortgage and title operations make buying a home a seamless experience and provide real-time visibility into our buyers.



Honesty and Integrity are the foundation of any lasting business and we strive each day to treat our customers, employees, and shareholders like we would like to be treated.


Objectivity drives our business practices, and our decisions are always made on best practices and market-driven information available.


The emotional intelligence of our staff is integral to our success. In order to accomplish our common goals, we must be solution driven and view every challenge as an opportunity. Emotionally intelligent employees see the bigger picture and strive each day to work collaboratively toward a shared story of success.


Efficiency is the result of competent, hard-working people who perform with a competitive spirit to produce rapid and consistent results. We continually evaluate our processes and systems to ensure that we remain the most efficient in our industry.